Types of Health Insurance

Types of Health Insurance

Health Insurance is an inevitable requirement for all the citizens of UK. Health insurance is a way of providing financial cover against all types of injuries or illnesses. There are various health insurance plans available in the market but the best one for you depends on your lifestyle, medical history, age and total expenditure required for health care. A comprehensive health insurance cover is highly beneficial as it not only covers medical expenses incurred during the acute treatment but also reimburses the cost of health care for long-term treatment.

This is how crores of people in India enjoy top quality health insurance schemes. A subscriber to any of these schemes has the flexibility to choose from different health insurance plans. Individual health insurance plans offered by the Indian market covers every health aspect from head to toe, while family health insurance plans are meant for the health care of the entire family. A subscriber to an individual health insurance cover needs not have an annual income or any good standing in the society to avail the health insurance benefits. The premium amount is generally variable and based on the individual needs and budget.

A family health plan is offered at an affordable rate, as compared to individual health insurance plans at a higher premium amount. Family health insurance policies are basically designed keeping in mind the financial needs of the family members like parents, spouse, children, aged relatives etc. A large number of families to avail the facility of individual health cover and pay a slightly higher sum insured premium. This allows them to enjoy better health care facilities than a group of individuals who opt for a family health plan.

Individual health insurance plans offered in India cover almost all the basic healthcare needs of the individual like checkup, consultation, examination, medicines etc. There are various plans of family health insurance plans offered by different insurance companies and they can be chosen as per the requirement and budget. Almost every individual health insurance plans offer some basic healthcare facilities like a doctor visit, consultation, laboratory fees, hair cutting, etc. Some companies also cover dental care, etc., depending on the policy coverage and age limit.

Apart from the basic healthcare facilities, several other benefits are also available under different health insurance plans in India. Long term treatment is one such benefit that is available at the subsidized rate from the companies. Almost 10% people in India are suffering from long term diseases and they require constant medical attention for better health. To cater to the medical and monetary needs of such people, several companies offer long-term treatment, free consultation and medicines. Almost everyone who is above 18 years of age, an employee in any profession and a citizen of India can avail of this benefit.

Another important health insurance benefit in India is the availability of life-threatening diseases treatment at nominal charges. Most common diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, cancer, etc. are treated at a very low cost and many people don’t have to spend a fortune on medications and hospitalization charges. The sum insured by the life-threatening diseases health plan of an Indian insurer is much lower compared to the sum assured by the private health insurance.

Another beneficial plan comes in the form of maternity expenses cover. Almost every woman in India undergoes pregnancy period and some may need regular check up in the months after childbirth. A pregnant woman can face a lot of expenses including the nursing fee, medicines, food and clothing and the least of all she cannot afford to lose her baby prematurely due to lack of money. Hence it is essential to avail a comprehensive health insurance plan that covers maternity expenses at a fixed amount. The maternity expenses cover can be spent on certain medical facilities or even for taking rest during pregnancy period and after delivery.

Max Banquets Insurance plan is another famous health insurance offered to allure by the Indian company called Banquets Insurance. This health insurance covers not only maternity expenses but also a host of other benefits including the regular health check ups, vision care, chiropractic sessions, etc. And at the same time they are the cheapest health insurance plans available in the market with up to Rs 1 crorers as the maximum limit of the health cover.

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